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Kate Novian

I believe in bringing your VISION and MISSION into focus so that your customers, clients, and audience understand Who you are, What you do, and Why you do it.

I have been designing and developing websites since 2008, and it started out of necessity.  My husband and I hired a design firm that promised to deliver a professional quality site. We gave them every penny we had left in our start-up budget,  but we were stumped when, six months later, no one was calling us.  We weren't showing up on search engines! It turned out that while the site LOOKED ok, it didn't function well, and it was not driving business.

As a result, I learned to do it myself, starting with mentorship and a healthy dose of research and practice.  One year later, our new site was ranking on the first page of Google, people were understanding what the business was all about, and we were proud to send people to our website. Our revenue tripled that year, based on our web presence alone. That original site eventually evolved with ever changing trends and coding languages, SEO was beefed up over time, and eventually I started designing sites for other businesses and organizations as well.

Now, I can't wait to help YOU build YOUR dream.  Let's get started.

This is me

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